August 2011

The wordpress software buggered up, and I lost a lot of work I had put into doing posts.   After a back and forth with the sys admins the problem was solved, but I had got out of the habit of updating as I went along; mea culpa.   I have been queried by friends and family about how things are going, and they have been going slow but steady.   I am now going to try and update the progress on the house, probably not as richly (or verbosely) annotated as when  the work is done but at least a summary of the work and pictures of the progress.

After my son and family visited in early July I got back to working on the cabinets for the kitchen as documented in the last post, and my sisters encouraged me to visit Iowa and see my Mom when sister Trish was visiting, recently moved from Framingham, Mass to Louisville, Kentucky.   Anyway that took a little more than a week out of my work schedule, but family visits are pretty special, and 93 year-old Moms aren’t going to be with us forever.

I made a cross-border trip and came back with the soffits, fascia for the roof edge, and cement board trim for the exterior window frames.  Installing them and completing  kitchen cabinet finishing and installation was my task over the next several weeks, as well as starting work on my patio structure.   The gallery below shows what was accomplished before the end of August.


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