September 2011

September goal was to get the roof edge and soffits, done. So the first order of business was to put the soffit material on the framing which I had finished at the end of August. I set up my table saw to cut the sections of soffit to bridge the gap between frame on the top of the wall to the roof edge. They were “hooked” together by the lateral interlock built into the aluminum soffit stock, and then the edges screwed to the wood frame and the roof edge. When the soffits were mounted I then set about putting the fascia in place. They are an “L-shaped” aluminum extrusion, the flat edge slides under the drip-edge of the steel shingles, and the “L” comes down around the bottom of the roof edge and covers the screws on the soffit material. The biggest part of install volume was on the bottom edges of the roof, but the finickiest bit was the fitting the gables with soffit and fascia. They also had to have the cement board panels to approximate the color and texture of the stucco on the ground level walls.

So in total there was a bit of task switching between aluminum work, and cement board work, and then when the roof edges were done start the window trim cutting and installation. And on the rainy days work on finishing the varnish on the kitchen cabinets.


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