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October 2011

September 24, 2012

October I had the focus on finishing the window trim and the Hardieboard paneling on the solar chimney. I set up a cutting area outside the garage with my trusty diamond blade in the skilsaw. Trim was cut and drilled for long tapcons which went into the stucco surrounding the windows. Actually went pretty quickly once I got into the routine.

The paneling on the solar chimney was a “horse of a different color”. The narrow sections on the south face were easy, and the East and West sides were harder but doable with one set of hands. However the North side was way too risky with just one person and I deferred that for while (see accomplishments for November).

I then started the prep work for the retaining wall planned for building a patio that runs from the outer edge of the screen porch to just past the door emerging from the great room. First step was to dig the trench for the footings and to put the forming boards in place, properly leveled for screeding the concrete when it was poured into the form. I as usual mixed my own concrete and wheel-barrowed to the forms as it was generated, and troweled the footing to give a smooth level base for the wall.

After a day or so of curing, I by now had moved many of my remaining partly damaged cement blocks to pallets adjacent to the footing and began the wall construction. First step as way back in building the main foundation walls, was to level the base layer of blocks, setting them in a mortar bed on the footing. Ater an overnight cure of the mortar, I then stacked the remaining two layers of blocks to get a wall that was 3 courses tall, e.g. 24 inches off the footing.

Now I started up my cement plant again and poured the stacked blocks full of concrete, vibrating it vigorously so no air voids in the wall. This gave me a resultant solid concrete wall. I raked the sand fill that had to be excavated to put in the footings to partially fill the enclosure provided by the retaining wall. Next Summer for the final effort on this. Pictures of the work done in October in the gallery below.


Windows and other stuff.

September 30, 2010

As I was finishing the stucco including a 3rd coat on the east, north and west walls of the garage/workshop, I was finalizing my list for ordering windows. Got the final decisions made and order in to Northstar on the Tuesday after Labor Day, and they were scheduled to arrive on Sept 28. So I set about getting the window frames ready removing the strapping and screws on the outside which were there to make them relatively airtight over the winter and removing plastic and staples on the inside panel of vinyl. Also a bit of work with the right angle grinder and diamond wheel to even out the edge of stucco where it joins the window frame. Anyway, got it mostly done by midday of the 27th and made my weekly trip into London for choir practice with London Pro Musica, and visits to the tool repair place to order a replacement part for my compressor, as well as to get a box of light fixtures and compact fluorescent bulbs to get some real lights hooked up and usable.

I had been warned that the truck from Northstar would be arriving at the crack of dawn (actually before dawn) and was up and waiting at 6 AM, they arrived at 6:15 and had all the windows in my garage in just under 20 minutes. I had arranged to have Adam Kaufman, who did my drywall, come and help me install windows on Wednesday, so I tied up the loose ends on prepping the window frames on Tuesday, and got a good supply of deck screws, shingle shims, caulk and low expansion foam for the installation exercise. It rained off and on all day, and at supper time Adam called to delay the help till Thursday, which was not a problem for me. So Wednesday, more prep work on frames, and cut up a half sheet of 1/4 inch plywood to make base shims to lift the bottom of the window off the bottom of the framed opening to be able to spray the foam in and seal all the gaps. I then set about installing the first two windows, the two smallest ones, that I could manage alone. Pictures below of the windows in the garage, and the two installed windows in the kitchen overlooking the screen porch and breezeway.

September 28, Looking at the really big windows, nearest the camera 68 inches tall, by 76 inches triple glazed. The slightly smaller ones nearer the garage door are only 68 x 52.

The long stack are the small windows 44x28, the tall ones are 68x28

Looking at the small big windows, two pictures, and three picture over awning windows for ventilation.

September 29, the initial two windows installed in the kitchen.

Thursday September 30 I was out removing plastic film and staples from window frames in preparation for the arrival of Adam Kaufman and his helper Kieran. A little after 8 AM they showed up and a very busy day began.The two biggest windows are in the garage and workshop, and those were the first to go in. They then completed the rest of the south wall of the garage and went on to put in all the smaller windows on the east, west and north walls.

All windows on south side of garage/workshop installed.

WIndows on north side of garage installed.

Adam and Kieran putting the last of the big windows into the kitchen/dining room window frame.

Positioning the window over the shims.

Now check the level and centering and screw it to the frame.

Fastening the window in place.

The last set of windows to be installed, frames ready.

Kieran placing the shims and checking for a level base.

Installing the last window, in the solar chimney. Kieran on the roof and Adam inside.

The chimney window in place.

Checking level and centering the window.

Fastening the screws.

Looking out the Dining room windows.

Looking out the master bedroom windows.

Panaromic view of house with windows from the north side.

Looking at the installed windows from the southwest.