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Summer Time …………..

September 26, 2011

After getting back from my leisure time in the sunny South,  it was obvious that I had much to do.   Since I had promised my son and family a place to stay and visit me, I needed to make sure at least primitive amenities were in place.   I had hung 2 of the interior doors before the trip, and quickly finished hanging the rest on my return. I hoped to finish the trim and hopefully varnish the interior doors before their arrival.    Also meant getting a functional bedroom, other than my “man cave” in the RV.   I needed a real dining table, and decided that the little drop leaf dining table I had been given when I hit the ground in Ontario, by neighbors in the trailer park who saw me running my little propane barbecue on the grass.   It was rough but sound, and had been supporting my barbecue ever since.   I stripped the ancient paint, sanded, primed and repainted it to make a serviceable dining table. I also began putting the trim on the interior doors, and got word that my shower doors had arrived at Menards in Davison MI. So a day trip to pick them up and return home to get back to work.

June 13, My refurbished barbecue table, now temporary dining table.

June 15, Master bath and mechanical room doors hung, awaiting frames, finish and hardware.

Door hung on 3-piece bath in workshop.

It became quickly apparent that I had greatly underestimated how much moulding I would need to frame the interior doors, so soon after getting back I made another trip to Port Huron to get more of the oak trim that I needed. I also picked up a ceiling fan for the living room, as well as stain and varnish for my finishing activities. While poking around Home Depot, I spotted a Kohler cast iron sink of the type I wanted for my kitchen, at an incredible mark down. Unfortunately I already had my VW Jetta pretty full with other stuff I had rounded up, and decided come back later for the sink, hoping it would still be there. Came back 5 days later, and it was there; not bad for $77!

I then became a busy beaver, with mitering the trim and installing it on all the doors.   Next was the preparation for varnish with filler for nail heads and sanding.   As the end of the month approached, I had my layaway queens size bed delivered and commandeered some young strong backs to help move my linen cabinet from the garage  to its place in the bridging hallway between bedrooms and the master bath.

June 30, My bargain Kohler cast iron kitchen sink.

A bed in master bedroom, first furniture for moving in!

Linen cabinet installed in hallway between bedrooms and master bath.

Master bath, with towel bars and mirror; ready for guests!

As I was getting ready to start the stain and varnish on the interior doors and trim, my son called to tell me they would be visiting me a week earlier than the original plan, so decided to delay the application till after they left. So after a pleasant few days with grandkids exploring my place, it was back to work, first with doing the stain and varnish on the doors. I also now put my shower doors on so the temporary curtain goes into storage.

Mechanical room door, framing and finish complete, hardware installed.

Master bath door, looking in.

Looking from master bedroom to master bath.

Looking from back of master bath, new shower doors installed.

Looking into master bath, new shower door.


































The next item on my agenda was to finish and install my kitchen cabinets. I quickly discovered that I had made a small error in the framing of the space in the partial wall that divides the kitchen from the great room. The width of the space was slightly narrow, in relation to the width of the cabinets to be fitted. There was however enough “meat” in the oak framing to trim a small amount from the edges with a router. My friend Don Eyles, a master wood-worker gave me hand with this in his shop and now my cabinets fitted.

July 23, Dissembled kitchen cabinets being sanded, stained and varnished.

Drawer ends of cabinets being finished.

Glueing veneer panels on sides of wall cabinets.

July 29, Finish work progressing.

Finished drawers in cabients.

Finished veneer on side of base cabinet with an exposed side.

drawers back in finished cabinets.

Finished veneer on wall cabinets.

July 30, Measuring for fit of base cabinets in the kitchen island.


Bathrooms and Doors

June 9, 2011