Floor plan of house

I have had some queries about the layout of the interior of the house. My pictures make sense to me I know, but may leave some questions about the space allocation and relative size of the rooms.

The basic house plan was purchased from http://www.Sunplans.com.   Debra Coleman is the architect behind the designs, there, and specializes in “sun-tempered” designs which emphasize the utilization of passive solar input and has a book describing these designs and her design philosophy.   I took the basic layout of the Sunshine II design, which was available as CAD files, and modified it quite substantially to increase the passive solar and passive temperature regulation as well as to simplify some of the structural features.  e.g. window bays/ wall offsets, north side formal entrance and elaborate master bath layout.  I  reduced the area of the main house by shortening the length by 2 feet.   That in part compensated for the eliminated formal entrance hallway, and gave back space for a more spacious mechanical/utility room.  I  went to entirely slab on grade floor design with no sub-basement and total radiant in-floor heating with intent to eventually have hot-water solar panels as the heat source.  Instead of block and mortar walls as the original design specified, I used drystack block technology, with Azar specialized interlocking blocks from a local masonry manufacturer (http://www.azarblock.com/index.html)  House is designed for accessibility issues, with 36 inch doorways, and very minimal grade differences at all doorways to the external world, just enough to keep water out.


I have had a smallish catastrophe in terms of my plan development, I had completely revised all aspects of the original plan to match the reality of what I was constructing, and was bushwacked by a hard drive failure.   Fortunately I had provided my truss designer (http://www.londonrooftruss.com/) with copies of major parts of the CAD drawings so was able to recover that much from them.   All the work I did on the 3D modeling was gone forever.  I tried to get a clean room recovery of my hard drive, but the specific model of the Fujitsu drive used in my Macbook, was so rare, that a donor drive could not be found 😦


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