Real construction begins

On Saturday July 12, I met on the building site with the cement finisher and excavator and we laid out the final stakes for the foundation, and measured the elevations for the grading of the site and thus determined where the floor level will be relative to the road. Below is a picture of the finished stakes, and Perry MacDonald and Shawn Lumley as they were finished and about to leave.

On Monday July 14, I got verbal go-ahead from the building inspector, that my permit was approved, so I called Shawn to set up the schedule for excavation. When I hadn’t heard by Wednesday night called first thing on Thursday morning, and was informed that “maybe” Perry would be on site to begin digging by midday. So in a bit of a panic, I set about packing up my RV and assorted stuff, from the building lot of my friend Craig Morley, where I had been living and helping with construction since last Fall, and learning many lessons about being your own contractor. I departed from the shore of Lake Erie, south of Eagle, about noon, (see picture below) and headed for Newbury hoping I would get there in time to locate my RV on site before the digging began.

Fortunately my timing was exquisite, Perry had his excavator on the edge of the site, was off having some lunch, and arrived as I was backing the trailer into its prepared location under the edge of the two big shade trees which tower above my shed. After helping to guide me in, he set up his gear and began the dig. Pictures below of trailer in place, and the start, and finish of the foundation dig.

The commitment was made after finishing the dig Thursday, that forming the footings would happen on Monday morning. Also needed the building inspector Doug Mitton to inspect the excavation and give the approval to actually pour the footings. Got the call on Saturday, that he would be on site sometime on Monday to inspect. So the forming went ahead lickety split, with rebar placed on chairs inside the forms and marks made for location of the vertical “L-bars” and there was some attempt to actually pour on Monday, but the planets were not aligned so it will happen 8:00AM on Tuesday, weather permitting, since the building inspector showed up and signed off on the soil and the hole. Pictures below of the forms, and while the cement guys were engaged in the forming with some participation on my part, I got my well pump set up and working, so we will have running water on site from now on when needed.


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